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Hello All!

This blog is the new version of The ReView, IVLA's (International Visual Literacy Association) newsletter, now digital and online! Our intention is to have our newsletter more agile, and at the same time, open for everyone's contributions. Yes, your contributions are welcome, for any section.

As mentioned earlier, Google Analytics has been successfully installed to our blog. And, to our surprise, visits have been from such a wide variety of countries, that listing them all is quite unpractical. We have had, to this date, visits from no less than 65 different countries! Hopefully, we will continue to achieve, via web, a broader internationalization of IVLA.


Dec 11th, 2010

News TO and FROM IVLAers

2010 Elected Officers

We are pleased to announce our new officers for the 2011 term:

President 2010-2011:
Marilyn Terzic mte@sympatico.ca

President Elect 2011-2012:
Nicos Valanides nichri@ucy.ac.cy

Immediate Past President:
Patricia Search patriciasearch@yahoo.com

Vice Presidents:
Eva Brumberger ebrumber@vt.edu
Simon Gates simon.familygates@btinternet.com
Jung Lee leej@loki.stockton.edu

And here are some IVLA award winners for 2010: congratulations!

  • Steven Seidman, Research Award
  • Patricia Search and Rune Petterson, James G. Sucy Distinguished Service Award
For descriptions of the awards, full list and lists of previous winners, see the IVLA Awards http://www.ivla.org/awards.htm page.

IVLAers in the News
Our dear colleague Rhonda Robinson gave an interview to Madcaplogic site, on visual literacy for a digital age.

Here it is:

Congratulations, Rhonda!

Visual Literacy Literature

This sub-section is devoted to sharing useful links on Visual Literacy. Share your findings with us! Here is one:

Now Available at SIMILE: Studies In Media & Information Literacy Education -

Studies In Media & Information Literacy Education (SIMILE) provides a venue
for scholarly articles that bridge the subject areas of bibliographic
instruction, information literacy, and media literacy and explores the ways
in which social and cultural environments impact media production and the
methods that could be used to teach the skills needed to "read" these

SIMILE presents innovative ways to impart the importance of media awareness
and literacy to students and the general public and therefore is a "must
read" for those in the fields of information/media studies, library science,
and education.

Published quarterly, this fully searchable online journal is an invaluable
resource for reference and teacher librarians, teachers, and professionals
who integrate media literacy concepts into instructional sessions.

For more information on SIMILE or for submissions information, please
SIMILE: Studies In Media & Information Literacy Education
University of Toronto Press - Journals Division
5201 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON
Canada M3H 5T8
Tel: (416) 667-7810 Fax: (416) 667-7881
Fax Toll Free in North America 1-800-221-9985

JVL - Journal of Visual Literacy
The Journal of Visual Literacy (JVL) is a refereed, scholarly journal reflecting the eclectic nature of the membership of the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA). It invites manuscripts that explore empirical, theoretical, practical, or applied aspects of visual literacy and communication. The JVL provides an open forum in which researchers and practitioners can explore the evolving field of visual literacy. Manuscripts pertaining to the effective use of visuals in communication, education, business, the arts, law, commerce, medicine, design, and a wide variety of fields are encouraged. JVL is published twice annually, Spring and Autumn.
JVL encourages interdisciplinary authorship and assures authors of copyright protection for all contributions in both print and electronic forms.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. David Moore of Ohio University has been selected as the next JVL editor. Dr. Moore has strong support from both his University and individuals who will assist him in this endeavor. Welcome Dr. Moore to the IVLA Publications community!
For more information on Dr. Moore's vita, please visit:

Anyone interested in JVL publishing or in serving as JVL reviewer, please contact Dr. Moore via (jvleditor@ohio.edu). Last but not least, let us take the opportunity to extend our appreciation to the outgoing JVL editor Dr. A.C. Bradshaw for her service to the association, as well as the JVL Policy Board (and particularly the JVL search committee chair, Darrell Beauchamp) for facilitating the new editor selection process.

JAN 2010 CALL FOR PAPERS: http://www.ohio.edu/visualliteracy/

IVLA publishes annually a book containing a refereed collection of selected papers presented at tha annual conference. It has an ISBN number and is cross-referenced in ERIC. At the moment, we hava a wonderful repository of these books and we are open for suggestions as to their dissemination. The IVLA Board of Directors has suggested: 1)Academic programs. Libraries could request a set of these for student use, for US$5 shipping and handling; 2) Our web site could publicize salesof these for US$5 shipping and handling. Any suggestion?

UpComing Conference

Ok, so now IVLA 2011!

2011 IVLA conference will be held in Seaview Resort (www.dolce-seaview-hotel.com) in South Jersey from Sep. 28 to Oct. 1. Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (www.stockton.edu) will host the conference.
For all info on this great conference, please visit:

Previous IVLA Conference

These are some pics from IVLA 2010 conference, which was held in wonderful Cyprus! Send us your pictures and testimonies on this conference for posting!

News on IVLABoard

IVLA Board met at the Cyprus conference twice. Each meeting lasted for almost two hours, uniting people from several different countries. Topics discussed ranged from publications, the reports submitted by the various committees, and IVLA2011 - hard work!

President's Corner

Current President Marilyn Terzic's text will soon be written.

I am honored to assume the position of IVLA President. IVLA is an international organization that represents members with many different cultural and professional backgrounds. We need to embrace the diverse perspectives of our members, IVLA officers and Board members, committees, and publication editors. We will not always agree on the best ways to address the needs of IVLA, but different points of view are vital to the development of creative ideas that further the goals of the organization. Our diversity is our strength. By channeling our different perspectives and talents into reflective discussions, we can emerge with collective visions which are more creative and insightful than individual ideas.

During this next year I hope you will share your unique perspectives with me and with each other. I urge everyone to engage in challenging discussions that strengthen IVLA as an organization and nurture our professional and personal relationships. Let’s work together to lay the foundation for another exciting and rewarding 40 years!

Best regards,

Patricia Search

IVLA 2010 President

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York 12180